Hair Extension Quick Tips

Hair Extension Quick Tips

*Remove and reapply every 4-8 weeks

*Use a weekly hair mask to maintain hair integrity and shine

*Always use sulfite free shampoo and conditioner

*Brush extensions to remove tangles and product buildup daily

*Sleep with your hair in a loose braid and never sleep with wet hair

*To avoid slippage, never put oil or conditioner close to the tape bonds

*When styling with hot tools, use a protective spray and stay within 350-375 °F

*Matting or bunching up of hair extensions: Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, due to improper care. For example, excessive heat or coloring the hair can fray the cuticle and create tangles. “Bunching up” may occur if the cuticle has been stripped from the hair due to heat, hair color, or inferior product use. Hair may look dry, dull, and as if it has expanded. Shampoo, condition, brush, and style your extensions according to the aftercare instructions to prevent damage.

*When extensions slip out. Many factors can result in slippage: improper care, tension, incorrect use of hair care products, or other factors. It’s important to contact Salon Opa! at (603) 623-0060 as soon as possible if you have slippage or an extension that has come out. This will help us determine why it came out and how to protect your remaining hair extensions
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