Hair Extension Consultation

A consultation before your installation will allow for an accurate color match and ensure the extension method that is chosen is best suited to your hair and lifestyle. Not using the products and home care recommended may lead to a shorter lifespan for your extensions and possible damage to your natural hair. A scheduled maintenance appointment to have your extensions moved up is highly

suggested. Failing to move up your extensions in the proper timeframe can lead to damage and breakage to your natural hair. The suggested time frame for move up is approximately 4 to 8 weeks.                                                                                                                                                          

*Please discuss and thoroughly understand the care and responsibility of wearing hair extensions.

*Choose a Hair Extension method for your hair type and lifestyle.                                       

*Spot on color match or as close as possible. Without a spot on color match, you will not have a seamless look and will have difficulties when trying to wear your hair up.                                     

*Choose your Extension length in proper ratio with your natural hair length. Everyone wants long voluminous hair but keeping with the proper hair length ratio is a more blend able look and makes for easier care, styling and less time fussing.                                                                              

*Less is more when choosing hair length and the amount of hair extensions to be positioned in   with your natural hair.                                           

*Please discuss and thoroughly understand the care and responsibility of wearing hair    extensions.

Lifespan of your Hair Extensions:

With no care: 1-3 months, maybe                   

With Proper care: Up to I year

! Not everyone is suited for hair extensions and not every hair extension method is suitable for you !


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Service Policy

Wigs and Hair Extensions are Final Sale, no returns or refunds.

We believe and  stand by our products and services 100%


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