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Hair Extension Methods, Care and Pricing.


Microlink/ Bead

Microbead hair extensions, also known as beaded, i-tip, or  I-Link, are a popular alternative for extension lovers that want (or need) to avoid adhesive tapes, fusion methods, or hot glues.

They’re a great way to add length, fullness and 360 degree movement to hair with a low risk of damage (if installed correctly by a great stylist).

The beads used for microbead extensions are very small, but perfectly sized to hold both the natural hair and the tip of the hair extension.


Sewn In Weft

The sew in weft method is installed by sewing a weft of hair onto a track of silicone beads or a braid created with your natural hair without the use of chemicals or adhesives.


Tape IN

The Tape-In method is a revolutionary system that uses a special medical grade adhesive formula to attach to the natural hair. Tape-Ins are popular, effective, and loved by stylists and extension wearers.

It is the fastest Installation method and the extensions last for months with proper care.


Keratin Bond/ Fusion

Hot fusion extensions attach individual strands of hair to the client’s head with a keratin-based tip. The process uses a heating element to attach or fuse the keratin bond and extension to the client’s hair. Since human hair is 95% keratin, the fusion method is safe, comfortable and long-lasting.


Hair Extension Consultation

 We always begin your hair extension journey with a thorough and complete consultation.

*Discuss and thoroughly understand the care and responsibility of wearing hair extensions.

*Choose a hair extension method for your hair type and lifestyle.

*Spot on color match or as close as possible. Without the proper color match you will not have a seamless undetectable look and may have difficulties camouflaging your extensions when styling.

*Chose your hair extension length in proper ratio with your natural hair length.

Everyone wants long voluminous hair but keeping   with proper hair ratios makes for a more blendable and undetectable look. May also make for easier care, styling and less time fussing.

Less is more when it comes to choosing hair length and the amount of hair extensions to be positioned in your with your natural hair.

*Proper home care. Not using the products and home care recommended may lead to a shorter lifespan for your extensions and possible damage to your natural hair.

*Scheduled maintenance. Scheduled appointments to have your extensions moved up is highly suggested. Failing to move up your extensions in the proper timeframe can lead to damage and breakage to your natural hair and extensions.. The suggested time frame for move up is approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

Lifespan of your Hair Extensions:

With no care: unpredictable

With Proper care: Up to I year

! Not everyone is suited for hair extensions and not every hair extension method is suitable for you !


HALOCOUTURE® (Not just any halo)


Halo Couture revolutionized the world of Extensions. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. This innovative extension is non-damaging and virtually undetectable. It is designed to wear daily or when desired as an easy on/off method.


Original Halo® Extension

The Original Halo® is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a natural effect. It provides instant length and volume, with no damage. Perfect for on the go!

Available in 12, 16, 20, 24 inch.

Prices vary on desired color and length.


Layered Halo® Extension

The Layered HALO® provides a beautiful, seamless blend for clients who are looking to add maximum length and volume. Each piece is designed with 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural style with minimal effort.

Available in 14, 18, and 22 inch.

Prices vary and are based on desired color and length.

Why do I need to go to a salon to get my HALOCOUTURE® extensions?

HALOCOUTURE® is a salon exclusive brand. HaloCouture values the passion and expertise of the professional stylists to help find you the perfect match! The extensions are only sold through an authorized salon.



$2.00 per strand


Fun Vibrant Fashion Colors

$10 per extension



Hair Extension Care 


Shampooing: Excessive washing and styling may cause damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair and decrease the wear or luster of your hair extensions.

We recommend shampooing your hair extensions as little as possible, 1-3 times a week, with a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and a detangling spray. A hair extension mask can be used once a week or as often as needed to maintian the integrity and soft feel of your extensions. Products specifically made for or safe for, hair extensions should only be used that are recommended by your certified extension stylist.


Color: Salon Opa! does not recommend applying color or toner to your hair extensions. Coloring, toning, or chemically treating your hair extensions will shorten their life span.


Swimming: Salon Opa! cautions when swimming or exposing your hair extensions to long periods in the sun or tanning beds. We recommend avoiding saltwater, chlorinated water, and excessive exposure to UV rays, as these may damage your extensions, diminish their color, or cause them to slip from the hair. For added protection at the pool or beach, apply a hair mask before swimming. Wear your hair/ hair extensions in a bun, braided or up in a high pony to avoid contact with salt, chlorinated, or lake water. Never allow your hair to free flow when swimming.


Brushing: Your extensions are attached to your natural hair. Excessive pulling or harsh brushing can cause hair breakage and the extensions to slip. Gentle, regular brushing using a detangling spray and/or a detangling brush throughout the day will prevent tangling or matting. When brushing, softly brush from the bottom ends up to the tape bond. When tangles occur, hold the extension bond securely to prevent pulling, and gently remove each tangle. 


Heat: Using excessive heat on your hair extensions will reduce their lifespan and wear. Take care of your new hair extensions as you would take care of your own hair. Like your natural hair, extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat. Use a thermal protecting spray to protect against heat damage and lock out frizz from humidity. Allow hair to air dry when possible. Do not apply extended blow-dryer heat or direct styling tool heat to the hair extension bond. Keep heat to a maximum of 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit to protect both your extensions and your natural hair. Free hand blow-drying on a low air setting and low heat is recommended when using a blow-dryer. As with natural hair, daily hot tool use, even on a low heat, can cause your hair extensions to become dry.  


Hair Extension Quick Tips:

*Remove and reapply every 4-8 weeks

*Use a weekly hair mask to maintain hair integrity and shine

*Always use sulfite free shampoo and conditioner

*Brush extensions to remove tangles and product buildup daily

*Sleep with your hair in a loose braid and never sleep with wet hair

*To avoid slippage, never put oil or conditioner close to the tape bonds

*When styling with hot tools, use a protective spray and stay within 350-375 °F



*Matting or bunching up of hair extensions: Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, due to improper care. For example, excessive heat or coloring the hair can fray the cuticle and create tangles. “Bunching up” may occur if the cuticle has been stripped from the hair due to heat, hair color, or inferior product use. Hair may look dry, dull, and as if it has expanded. Shampoo, condition, brush, and style your extensions according to the aftercare instructions provided, to prevent damage.

*When extensions slip out. Many factors can result in slippage: improper care, tension, incorrect use of hair care products, or other factors. It’s important to contact Salon Opa! at (603) 623-0060 as soon as possible if you have slippage or an extension that has come out. This will help us determine why it came out and how to protect your remaining hair extensions

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