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Our ultimate goal is to make you look and feel your best.

Whether you are facing a treatment that will result in hair loss, have alopecia areata, experiencing thinning hair or just looking for a change of fashion or for fun. We as experienced hairstylists and a wig specialist on site can help you choose a wig style that will virtually be undetectable.

We cater to EVERYONE who is seeking to wear wigs or hair extensions.

Discreet, confidential, in a private area of the Salon...


For most women, selecting and wearing a wig is something of a mystery
We know the many questions women ask when they suffer temporary or permanent hair loss.
Salon OPA / The Hair Studio offers a wide selection of human and synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces that set the standard for quality and value.You may find yourself surprised at how sophisticated and healthy a wig can look.


Most medical insurance cover hair replacements. Check with your insurance company and your individual policy. We will provide you with the proper paper work and information for you to file with your own insurance provider for reimbursement. Should you not be covered by your insurance, we will offer you a discount or direct you to the proper organization that can further assist you.




Synthetic Wigs
Synthetic wigs cost less than human-hair wigs and are easier to maintain because they keep their style – even after washing.

Machine-made Synthetic Wigs
A well-crafted, machine-made synthetic wig is reasonably priced and should come in a style that resembles your hair. Mass-produced, synthetic wigs often perform better than low-quality human-hair wigs, so it’s important to know what you are getting.

Hand-made Synthetic Wigs
High-quality, hand-made wigs look even more natural, since strands of hair are individually tied, allowing the wig to be parted and styled with hair accessories.

Custom-made Synthetic Wigs
High-end, custom-made wigs are created to your exact specifications. They will look the most like your own hair, but cost much more and take several months to produce.

Human-Hair Wigs
Human-hair wigs can be styled, touched up, and cared for in the same way you care for your own hair. This makes them feel more natural to some women. The downside is that they are expensive, require quite a bit of care, and often need to be styled by a professional.




With your wig purchase, you also receive a wig brush and a styrofoam head to place your wig on for proper maintenance.
Once you purchase your wig from us, it doesn't end there, we will be at your service for as long as you need us.

All wigs are final sales.


It is a good idea to speak with your hairstylist about how to take care of your hair during treatment. There are many ways to approach it – and the choices you make are strictly individual.


  • Use gentle shampoos and conditioners during your treatment.
  • Steer clear of medicated or drying shampoos.
  • Avoid ingredients such as salicylic acid, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, and henna, which may be irritating.
  • Postpone color, perms or straightening treatments until your doctor gives you the OK – generally six months after your treatment.
  • Avoid blow-dryers, curling irons, and rollers.
  • Speak with your stylist if you know that you are going to lose your hair – he or she may encourage you to shave your head, rather than have your hair fall out in clumps.
  • If you are getting radiation therapy on your head, you may want to let your hair grow long to help cover thinning spots.
  • Save a lock of your hair to match the color in case it falls out and you need a wig.
  • Ask your hairdresser for styling advice when your hair starts growing back – it may be a different texture or color. This could be temporary as well.

Gently brush straight styles with a wire brush before washing. Opt for a vent brush or pick to keep curlier styles intact.
Add a capful of mild conditioning shampoo to a basin of cool water. Soak your wig for 2 minutes, swish to rinse out the shampoo, and remove.
Swish your wig once again in clean, cool water. Gently squeeze out excess water and blot with a towel.
Try wig conditioner if you want to soften and add luster to your wig. Leave it on for just a few minutes, then rinse and blot as above.
Tightly “finger-squeeze” any curls while the wig is wet.
Do not comb or brush a wet wig -– it may interfere with the style.
To dry, place the wig on a clean towel, wire wig form or tall hairspray bottle. Let the wig air-dry, keeping it away from direct sunlight.
Shake out the dry wig and style. Synthetic wigs or synthetic/human-hair blends will hold their original style. Human-hair wigs will needto be styled after each washing.
Do not use hot blow-dryers, curling irons, or other forms of heat on synthetic wigs.
Store your wig on a wig stand away from radiators, vents or humidity to maintain its shape. Covering it with a hair net will also help it stay styled.

Consider that buying a wig online or through a catalog may be private and convenient, but comes without the benefit of trying it on.
Ask your doctor about prescribing a “cranial prosthesis,” which your health insurance may cover.
Look for a wig with a loose mesh cap if you will be wearing it in warm weather.
Try wigs in a shade a bit lighter than your natural color. Some women find that it brightens their appearance and offsets changes in their skin.
Remember that shorter styles are less likely to tangle and easier to maintain.
If it is affordable, consider buying two reasonably priced synthetic wigs with different hairstyles for variety.
Consider purchasing some of the following accessories: a wig cap, stand, shampoo, spray, conditioner, gel strips, hair net, hair pins, rollers, and a wire wig brush.

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